Conjugate Toolbox

At Adcentrx, we look beyond a one-size-fits-all platform approach to developing protein conjugates, such as ADCs. Our goal is to develop first-in-class and best-in-class therapies that broaden the therapeutic window in treating cancer and other life-threatening diseases. We do this by optimizing key components of protein conjugate molecular design to solve specific challenges at hand.

Putting this into practice, we created and continue to build the Adcentrx “Toolbox” to intelligently address the issues that arose in previous generations of conjugates. The components of the Toolbox encompass the targeting moiety, the linker, the payload and the conjugation technology.

Adcentrx Toolbox Components

Stabilized Conjugation

Common Challenge with ADCs

Unstable conjugation technologies are associated with undesirable effects, including:

  • Faster ADC clearance leading to lower efficacy
  • Premature release of payloads causing more off-target toxicity

Adcentrx Solution

Adcentrx is pioneering a stable conjugation chemistry we refer to as the i-Conjugation™ technology. This is designed to significantly improve conjugate stability in circulation, thereby:

  • Improving payload delivery to the target
  • Allowing higher dosing and better tumor penetration

Common Challenge with ADCs

Not all cells in tumors express the antigen targeted by an ADC’s antibody. If an ADC’s payload is not cell permeable then surrounding tumor cells with low/no target antigen expression remain unaffected.

Adcentrx Solution

The “bystander effect” is a key benefit of ADCs for solid tumors. By balancing linker properties, payload potency, payload permeability and stability, Adcentrx ADCs can be designed to impact heterogenous tumors.

Increased Bystander Effect

Reduced Manufacturing Complexity

Common Challenge with ADCs

Some conjugate platforms require antibody engineering and/or novel production methods with complicated chemistries and purification steps. This can lead to increased costs and lower yields.

Adcentrx Solution

At Adcentrx, we implement manufacturing processes early in discovery to ensure timely production of drug product meeting critical criteria for reproducibility and cost-efficiency.